leather brown bag manufactured and piece dyed manually
leather detail brown bag manufactured and piece dyed manually


100% cow leather, made in Italy.


The item is manufactured and piece dyed manually.
The desire vintage look and the different shades of a color make each item unique and unrepeatable and represent the characteristic features of the treatment rather than a defect of the product.


The entire manufacturing process that led to the creation of this product has been done in Italy. This a guarantee of the value and the quality that only Italian manufacturing experience can offer.


Before proceeding with the purchase, see exchange and return conditions because returns are subject to special conditions.



Au79 constitutes natural evolution of the brand Alchimia. As well as the philosopher’s stone , who aimed to achieve the eternal duration of matter and resort its decomposition, was chasing the sought-after goal to turn the base metals into gold, Au79 intends to – said by the same esoteric analogy – transform its products into long lasting vintage flavor accessories that elude too fast decay speed. This is an all season line and it is related to the continuous evolution level: all garments are subject to the specific finishing treatment that makes them unique – The contemporary Athanor transfigures the colors, the shades, the texture and it becomes impossible to find two garments just the same as each has something that distinguishes it among others. The leather is naturally tanned, manufactured with handcrafted know how that recalls antique procedures of leather manufacturing so each garment becomes precious, gaining an almost symbolic value, becoming a beloved result of an accurate selection of materials and love for the research.

The project offers an interpretation of a “slow fashion” style that demands more harmonious and low speed paces to the fashion that so often changes in a such evanescent way. Au79 introduces a concept of femininity that unites the elegance to the pragmatism so that women can feel comfortable in and identify themselves with ease. A great attention to details, to design and to the materials makes each garment conceived to last as per the first rule of the alchemists: to relieve above the mere matter, to dilate time, to achieve the knowledge.
In a quite junginian way it is a research for an identity through the wide range of distinctions. Gold (the chemical element Aurum, the atomic number 79 – Au79 ) the only metal unalterable over time – becomes the metaphor for the light, it transcends the mere matter and it lifts your spirit.