model with handmade linen black jacket for woman
handmade linen jacket with stripes for woman
handmade linen jacket with stripes for woman
back of handmade linen jacket with stripes for woman
hat and linen scarf on handmade linen outfit for woman
handmade linen jacket with beige stripes for woman
back of handmade linen jacket with beige stripes for woman


Made in Italy from 100% linen.


This jacket is a must-have! Simple tailored fit with great attention to detail. Asymmetrical in the front gives it that extra wow factor and it’s easily styled for either a casual or elegant look.


Possible variations in the arrangement of the coloured lines due to it being a handmade item

The model is 178 cm tall.
Remember to check your measurements before making a purchase.


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The entire production process is carried out entirely: from the yarn to the finished product.
Each garment belongs to a long and consolidated artisan tradition.
The garment is part of the Positano beachwear, and the fresh and light material brings the mind back to the warm and passionate beauty of the Amalfi Coast sea.

A meticulous quality control of the products, made by the expert hands of designers, technicians and model makers.
Textile fibers are transformed into precious yarns, thanks to the help of professionals and ancient looms, which guarantee strength, elasticity and lightness of the materials and therefore a finished product 
of excellent quality.


Before proceeding with the purchase, carefully read the measurements of the garment because returns are subject to special conditions (see exchange and return conditions).

Linen clothes do not go tight-fitting clothed or the fabric is likely to be damaged, so consider a soft and not tight fit.
The measurements relating to the sizes are not precise, they can vary by a few mm or sometimes few centimeters.
Any imperfection is not considered a defect (like a thread coming out or small scratches on jewelry), but a characteristic of the handmade product.

You can contact us via chat and send us a picture of yourself or tell us your size so we can recommend the best product for you.


The measurements relating to the sizes are not precise, they can vary by a few mm or sometimes few centimeters.
Bust, waist, hip, arm, thigh, calf: circumferences are at fullest point.
Height: is taken from the back of the garment: from the neck till the end of the garment.
Sleeve: is taken from the shoulder till the end of the sleeve.
Crotch: is taken from the waist till the crotch.

S 100 34 51 60/68
M 104 35 52 61/69
L 108 36 52 62/70
XL 112 38 53 63/71

The measurements is taken in cm.


You can wash the garment in the washing machine with a delicate spin cycle, linen is a very strong fiber, so you wash it by hand and in the washing machine either.
When the product is dyed and you wash by hand, it is advisable not to leave it too much in the water so as not to risk that color spots form.

When you received the product new it is recommended to iron the dress before trying it, it falls better on the body.
After every wash the linen is a bit stiff, but it will become softer with ironing.
It is recommended to iron or steam the garment.

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